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Save hours of staff time AND get better results by automating your employee feedback with BeelinerPeople

Now's there a better way to quickly implement an automated system for employee feedback. BeelinerPeople takes out all the manual effort by automating the time-consuming tasks of survey distribution, response tracking, and results compilations! Here's how it works:

Sample survey
  • By securely syncing with your HR database, BeelinerPeople keeps track of employees' respective anniversary dates and more.

    Using criteria that you set, BeelinerPeople monitors all employee records daily to determine which employee should be sent their respective 30, 90 and 1 year surveys and more.

  • Employees receive surveys in their email inboxes on exactly the dates you specify.

    You can also specify reminders if employee do not respond within a certain period of time.

  • All survey responses are collected into BeelinerPeople's database so you don't have to manage any data entry.

    You do not need to tabulate responses..BeelinerPeople does it all for you!


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