Beeliner for nonprofits

As a nonprofit, you have an important mission to fulfill. Let Beeliner help you focus on that mission by taking care of some your time-consuming tasks and communications, freeing you and others in your organization up to focus on where you're most needed.

Do you qualify for a non-profit discount?

We like to give non-profits a break. We have a developed a specific discounted package just for non-profits. If you'd like to find out more, please contact customer support. To qualify for the discount, an annual subscription must be purchased ($300 per year). Once we have verified your non-profit status through or by your submission of a copy of your 501 c 3 letter from the IRS, your account will be activated and you can begin survey-sending.

How will you use Beeliner?

Meeting setup

Need to get a group of people with complicated schedules together? Send them an online survey with various date, time, and location options. Review the results online in a convenient and easy to read spreadsheet format.


Group brainstorming can work outside of a conference room! Send your team a survey designed to get them thinking…review their ideas online and email the spreadsheet format results to the entire team.

Remote collaboration

Working with a team that’s spread out geographically? Beeliner can take the place of difficult to arrange conference calls. Your team responds at their convenience—you view the results online.

Project research

Test out new ideas quickly and easily and get feedback in an easy, workable format for analysis.

Member and board feedback

Manage your member and board feedback systems with ease.

Seminar preparation and feedback

Survey your participants before and after to find out if your material best matches their needs and expectations.

Conference planning

Coordinate your conference registration online with Beeliner! Create registration forms and surveys that you can email and post on your organization's Web site.