Beeliner for Small Business

As a small businessperson, you know that your time and efforts are to be managed wisely. You don't have time to waste. Beeliner is the perfect online tool for small business. Beeliner is a powerpacked resource that can streamline many of your research and collaboration efforts. You'll find many creative uses of Beeliner for your business. How can you use Beeliner online surveys?

Customer Feedback Need a low-cost and efficient way to find out what your customers really think? Use Beeliner to survey them on anything from service issues to kudos.

Marketing Research What to survey your potential or existing markets for information on new trends and product opportunities? Use Beeliner as a better-cost alternative to traditional paper surveys.

Project collaboration with customers and colleagues Engage your customers and colleagues with Beeliner surveys to find big ideas and consensus. A sent survey automatically collects their responses. You review it as responses comes in or all at once.

Meeting Setup Need to get a group of people with complicated schedules together? Send them an online survey with various date, time, and location options. Review the results online in a conveniently and easy to read spreadsheet format.

Brainstorming Group brainstorming can work outside of a conference room! Send your team a survey designed to get them thinking... review their ideas online and email the spreadsheet format results to the entire team.

Idea Consensus You have some ideas'you need your team to agree on the direction. Use online surveys to ask the right questions and get a sense of what your team is thinking.

Remote Collaboration Working with a team that's spread out geographically? Beeliner can take the place of difficult to arrange conference calls. Your team responds at their convenience-you view the results online.