Spinfish introduces Beeliner Surveys

Online survey software gives businesses and organizations easy, affordable tools to create, deliver, and analyze internal and external surveys

Cambridge, MA, October 10, 2005 --Spinfish/ROG Inc. today introduced Beeliner Surveys, an online survey software that helps businesses and organizations of all sizes ask “why” easily and efficiently. Available as web-based software with nothing to install or download, users can access their surveys anytime, from anywhere. Beeliner Surveys offer tools to walk users through setup and creation, so anyone can develop smart, successful surveys. And with a low monthly or annual membership fee, businesses of all sizes can afford to send professional surveys to collect valuable information from employees, customers and stakeholders.

“No one has time to learn new software. That's why we have designed Beeliner to be flexible and easy to use so you can just jump in and do what you need without the whole agonizing ordeal of a learning curve,” said Amanda Trombley, CEO, Spinfish/ROG Inc.

How does it work?

Beeliner helps users quickly create a web or email survey (no programming or HTML skills needed) and brand it as their own. The easy tabbed layout guides users through the survey creation, deployment and results analysis. Beeliner automates the sending and response collection — typically the most manual part of survey campaigns — leaving users free for more important tasks, such as reviewing the survey results.

Beeliner's comprehensive reporting and analytical tools allow users to cross-tab and closely analyze their data, and then create customized reports and presentations.

Who uses it and why?

Beeliner can be used by just about any business or organization. Human resources departments, sales personnel, audit teams, retail management, and more use Beeliner to check in with employees, customers and others to keep tabs on satisfaction, attitudes and opinions.

"Beeliner provided the functionality that our clients needed, and at a price they could afford. Although one of our clients was already using another survey product, they purchased Beeliner because they found Beeliner to be easier to use, more cost effective and better suited for their needs," said Dan Calista, President of Vynamic Solutions.

A 30-day free trial is offered by registering at www.beelinersurveys.com. Registration also includes tutorials and a tip sheet on best surveying practices.

About Spinfish/ROG, Inc.

Beeliner Surveys is a leading survey software tool that helps people and businesses around the globe conduct professional email and web surveys. Large and small businesses, universities, non-profits, and governmental agencies use Beeliner to create surveys for a variety of purposes, including market research, human resources, customer satisfaction and retainment, and more. Beeliner is developed by Spinfish/ROG Inc., a privately-owned software development company in Cambridge, MA in the USA. Spinfish was founded in 1997.

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