HR Managers Can Automatically Track New Hire Satisfaction with BeelinerPeople Software from Spinfish

New web-based tool connects to HR databases to create automated survey system, providing HR managers with to-the-minute snapshots of employee satisfaction

Cambridge, MA, September 4th, 2008--Spinfish/ROG, Inc. today introduced BeelinerPeople, the latest edition to its suite of web-based survey tools. BeelinerPeople is designed specifically for human resource managers and others who want to improve their companies' bottom line by understanding what employees on the front line already know.

BeelinerPeople differs from other surveying solutions in two respects. The first is that the collection of information is fully integrated with a company's HR database. Due to the sheer volume of new employees in mid- to large-size companies, timely survey distribution can be difficult to manage.

“We've worked with HR managers for many years and they love our electronic survey tools. However, they found that manually trying to keep tabs on when a survey should be sent to a new hire just isn't realistic,” said Heiko Glessmann, Vice President of Technology for Spinfish. “In any given month, if you've got 50 new hires starting, you could be checking and sending surveys each day of the month. That is not something most HR managers have time for. We found automating the sending process was the optimal solution.”

BeelinerPeople connects to a company's HR database, checks employee start dates and automatically calculates which employees should receive a survey at any particular date. This frees HR managers’ time to focus on more important activities such as reviewing the survey results that come back.

Another unique difference is BeelinerPeople's manager dashboard technology. BeelinerPeople helps HR managers easily set up a password-protected web-based dashboard for any number of users. Each dashboard can be customized down to finite details to allow the managers to view whatever the HR manager feels is most useful.

An online demonstration of the software is available at

About Spinfish/ROG, Inc.

BeelinerPeople is developed by Spinfish/ROG Inc., a privately-owned software development company in Cambridge, MA in the USA. Spinfish was founded in 1997. Spinfish's flagship product Beeliner Surveys, is utilized by companies and organizations around the globe, and can be visited online at

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