Beeliner Professional: When Results Really Matter

Beeliner Professional is the right fit for large and mid-sized businesses who would like to incorporate surveying as a regular part of customer, employee, and project management.

How is Beeliner different from other survey products?

There are a wide variety of survey products out on the market from simple and basic do-it-yourself solutions to complex software solutions take months to install and learn to use. Beeliner incorporates the best features of both sides of the spectrum:

  • Small Learning Curve. Learning to use a new software product is hard on your already tight work schedule. Keeping that in mind, we work hard to keep the learning curve for Beeliner as low as possible. A typical Beeliner user can start sending out his or her first survey within 15 minutes of first logging into Beeliner.
  • Right Fit Pricing. Typical software pricing is complicated, bloated, and confusing. Not here. We price by usage so that you only pay for what you use, not how many users. Pay monthly, quarterly, or annually--it's your choice. There are no upgrades or annual maintenance contacts to negotiate. Every time you login, you get the most up-to-date version of our software.
  • High Touch Customer Support. We're a small company which to some may seem that we'd be less equipped to provide customer support. Not so. It means that each time you contact us, you'll talk to your dedicated account rep who knows you and our software.
  • Powerful Functionality. Don't be deceived by Beeliner's simple interface--it's powerful, robust software that can handle all of your surveying needs and more.

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