Results reporting

What good is collecting great data if you don't have the tools to do some basic to more advanced analysis? Beeliner's comprehensive reporting help you dig down into your data. Create customized reports and presentations that you can print, export as a PDF, import into Excel or like using CVS format, or email to colleagues.

Reports Tab: Generate reports

There are five types of report formats including:

  • Summary report--the summary report gives you a top level view of all results.
  • Details report--this report breaks down individual responses into a report format
  • Presentation--in a slide show format.
  • Export to Excel or CSV format--for further analysis
  • Custom reporting--customize any of the above reports

Use the Reports Tab to view your survey data in a variety of report formats.

Customize Tab: Customize your reports

Beeliner allows you to take any of our existing reports formats and customize them. Run filters on your data, add charts and specify their type and pin point what data is displayed. Add a logo, title page and more.

Use the Customize Tab to customize Beeliner's standard reports.

Distribution Tab: Distribute your reports

Once you are done with your reporting and analysis, you may wish to distribute your reports to colleagues or others. Using Beeliner, you can specify who to send these reports to and choose whether they will receive your reports as a link, a pdf, or as an HTML email.

Use the Distribution Tab to send your survey results to colleagues and more.

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