Creating and Branding Your Survey

You don't need to hire a techie or engage your IT department to create an online or email survey. Do it all yourself using Beeliner. You don't need to know HTML, you don't need to know anything except how to use a web browser which you are most likely doing right now! Beeliner guides you through the creation of your survey with our "Edit" set of tabs which include Layout, Introduction, Questions, and Closing.

The Layout tab: Choose a layout and brand your survey

Our policy of "brand-transparency" means that Beeliner helps you brand your survey to look like it comes from your company or organization. This is of extreme importance because people respond to surveys from entities that they know so it's imperative that they recognize your brand.

Beeliner makes it easy to customize the look and feel of your survey. Choose from four preset layouts, select your color palette, and add a graphic/logo. You may also add section headers, descriptive text, and specify who the survey is sent from.

Use the Layout Tab to define your layout, add a logo, and set a color scheme.

The Introduction Tab: Craft your introduction

Crafting an effective introduction to your survey is something many survey-senders overlook but it can make a big difference in your response rate. Using Beeliner's Introduction Tab, you can:

  • Set a title to be used on your survey and also as the subject line for any email surveys that you send
  • Specify a recognizable sender name or email address for email surveys
  • Enter your survey introduction which appears at the top of your survey
  • Set survey instructions and "submit" button language in Spanish, English, German or Norwegian (with more on the way)

Use the Introduction Tab to enter your introduction, specify who the survey is sent from and more.

The Questions Tab: Enter and format your questions and text

Each Beeliner survey can have unlimited questions. Question types to choose from include:

  • Single choice (radio buttons)
  • Multiple choice (check boxes)
  • Matrix/grid
  • Open-ended text
  • Rating scale (use our presets or create your own)

Additionally, you may add the following options to your questions:

  • Required questions--specify if a question must be answered before submission
  • Maximum and minimum ranges--specify a range of answer options to be selected
  • Numbering
  • Data labels for analysis

To see a sample survey that includes every type of question you can utilize in Beeliner, click here.

Use the Questions Tab to enter your questions, section headers, and any descriptive text that you need.

The Closing Tab

Last but not least is the Closing Tab which helps you add a closing to your survey (appears above the "submit" button) as well as specify what goes on your "thank you" page, the confirmation page that appears after the submit button is pressed.

You can choose to do many things with your "thank you" page including:

  • Add a link to a downloadable coupon or report
  • Add a marketing message that lists your company or organization's web site URL if participants want to find out more
  • Specify results sharing which means allowing participants to see top-level results from your survey, anonymously or not--it's up to you!

Use the Closing Tab to enter your closing text as well as specify what appears on your "thank you" page.

Once your survey is ready to go, it's ready to send or post online. See how Beeliner's "Manage" set of tabs work-->

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